1974 BMW 2002Tii

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I started reading this guy’s description on eBay and rolled my eyes from word two.  “The Good.”  I really tire of ads that have the good and the bad.  I much prefer “disclosures” or simply writing about the car as is or photographing the evidence.  Yet here I was and I kept reading the bad. 

Clock is only right twice a day ( you get to pick the time )
1/4″ tear in head liner”
Huh, I didn’t mind that too much.  It was kinda funny yet played at the same time.  Would I pick the all straight and neat 12 o’clock like I usually do or 4:20 to see if anyone even notices and offers me a fatty.  
But then oh crap, he’s got “The Ugly” is in there too. 

no such thing as an ugly 2002″
Good one.

On eBay in Ocala, Florida for a starting reserved bid of $5,000.

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