1973 VW Thing – $7500 (Empire, MI)

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These don’t offer many creature comforts but I’m not sure many of the trucks I search for and post do either, so what am I talking about? You either like the styling or you don’t. I happen to think they are too square but have found myself posting them in part because a reader years ago found my site and liked seeing them. I’m also reminded by a custom Thing on some Velocity show that I watched. Don’t remember the name of the show but the guy does a lot of celebrity cars out west somewhere.

Find it for sale on Northern Michigan Craigslist.

  1. David Thomas

    That’s a nice example, actually, and compared to what some folks are asking (and I assume not getting) for Things these days, a pretty reasonable price. I haven’t popped by recently, sorry about that! That Triumph Tiger from May 27th is fantastic.

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