1973 Volvo 145 station wagon – $4500

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Great family car if you don’t check with my wife.

For sale on Detroit’s Craigslist.

“107,000 miles, 2.0 liter b20 engine with the m40 4 speed manual. I shipped this car from Southern California a couple years ago. It has never seen snow, salt, and rarely seen rain. Underbody is completely rust free as a result. Heater works well on all speeds, and the car starts right up even in zero degree weather.

This car is fuel injected with 4 wheel power disk brakes. 3 point seat belts front and rear. The interior looks amazing except for the cargo area, which could use new carpet. Four new tires.

Includes extras like iPD swaybars front and rear, new heavy duty rear springs, new shocks for front and rear, full set of bushings, tie rods, all of which I have yet to install. No time due to recent family expansion.

Paint looks good, except the roof where the clear coat has delaminated from the California sun. There are a couple small bubbles under the paint near the windows, but that’s it, nothing large.

I have no hesitation driving this car. It has never once given me any difficulty. I doubt you’ll see another 145 in this neck of the woods, certainly not one this nice.”

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