1973 Opel GT – $3500 (Brighton)

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“65,000 miles. It ran when it was driven into the garage ten years ago. little rust. crinkled left rear near tail light. interior is complete but aged. the vehicle should run but I consider it a small project to make it look nice. Have title.”

I’ve always liked these since I was a kid but my daddy warned me better.  Poor quality son.  The best ones today barely break 2x the asking price here.  But it looked like sporty and fast that was all I needed to keep my interest.  

Today a squint might bring your eyes to an early RX-7.  Spin around three times and stare deep into its huge headlight covers for the consummate baby Vette comparison or get sloppy drunk and think this is an investment in your future.
On Ann Arbor Craigslist.

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