1973 Lamborghini Espada S3

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The guys in the Yahoo! Groups Vintage Lamborghini Club were not pleased with the yellow wires.  You know how us sticklers are about originality, chastise the modifies.  

Prices are going up on these and it’s no surprise.  There’s basically one place for parts and you better hope he has it.  It’s not like working on a Porsche where I cross-shop four or five different sources for the best price on a distributor cap.  

On eBay in Sanford, Florida with the reserve not met and bidding at $38,000.  Thankfully he lists the reserve of $49,000 which is actually pretty fair for an original car (replaced parts included) with only 8,400 miles.

My favorite quote of the write up “This car not restored it is original garage kept regularly maintained car.  IT IS NOT A BAR FIND.”  Wish it was.  A couple fifths of whiskey would be nice with any exotic Italian.    

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