1972 Toyota Celica ST

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“For sale is my Bone stock 1972 Toyota Celica ST with original 18R-C engine and W40 4speed manual transmission. Interior is in excellent condition with the exception of one little tear in driver’s seat. All the lights and gauges work like they should. Windows roll up and down nicely. Recent work includes new radiator hoses top and bottom, new oil pump, new fuel pump, new plugs, new plug wires, new points, new rotor, new rotor cap, new water pump, new battery, rebuilt carburetor. Vinyl top which was a dealer added item costing extra is in good original condition, bright work looks very good and original. Paint work is mostly original and looks good with left rear ¼ panel, front right fender and hood seems to be repainted at some point, there are dings and chips which is to be expected from a 41 year old original car. One key works on all locks. Best part is that there seems to be no rust that I can find on the car including floors/bottom of fenders/spare wheel well. Car runs strong with no smoke or heating issues whatsoever, transmission shifts smooth with no weird noises. I can’t seem to take this car for a spin without getting few thumbs up or double takes. Odometer shows 81,556 which I believe is correct given the condition of this car but judge for yourself.”

If you stopped after reading “for sale is my bone stock…” this ad could go an entirely different direction:

“For sale is my bone stock.  I haven’t been using it much and feel it will be better off with someone that can handle it better.  My girlfriend has mixed feelings about its departure.  But the reality is after a deep soaking in the wine stew, it’s not really good for much more.  Sure, it’s got flavor but how many times can you lay it out on the table?  Please call and leave a message.  I’m negotiable but don’t think you can take advantage of me.”

As a car for sale, I’m in.

On eBay in Arcadia, California with reserved bidding starting at $800.

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