1972 Porsche 914 V8 – Buyer Beware?

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I wasn’t going to post this car because I found it on Ann Arbor Craigslist with the following description:

“re: porsche 914 v8


This is totally bogus. This 914 was built by a guy named mark. It has 400 hp. It is not for sale on this listing. I am assuming some guy is mad at his ex, and put her phone number on a very inexpensive supercar that he doesn’t even own. Help her stop the calls by flagging the linked ad… or call her and leave a message. I’m sure a million people already have. I did.”

That was enough to warn me off of it and not recommend it to my readers plus I don’t like the taillights.  But then reader Dave pointed me to the same car on eBay.   I’ve been following the auction which has now crossed $9,100 in bidding.  You would think the reserve would have been lifted since the car is advertised on Detroit’s Craigslist for $8,995.  But it has not.  Yellow flags are flying in my book. There is a name and phone number on the Detroit Craigslist posting if you are so inclined to learn more. 

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