1971 Porsche 914 V8

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Since I own one, words do finger flips about this project on the ol’ teletext.  This is clearly a race car set up with tubes welded everywhere including the tunnel by your lead foot.  Needed finishing details abound inside and out including the noted media blasting and paint job.  But this is not what caught my attention.  
What got me was the fuel cell/radiator area.  The fuel cell is a nice add on.  However the formula for a cool car that’s not going to sweat the V8 balls you put in the back is: 1 cube air in, at least 1 cube out, should be 2 cubes.  Meaning you need to have a place for all that hot air to escape the enclosed trunk area.  Think about a standard car with an open engine bay, lots of nothing around the bottom.  On a 914 conversion you need to cut the fender wells (like in mine pictured below) or vent the hood.  This one has neither.  What other details did they miss? 
The current owner who never completed the project also talks about the 350hp mated to the stock 901 transmission upgraded to side shift.  Holy grind ’em and then can’t find ’em Batman.  Use first gear and you’ll be picking up the pieces before you leave the driveway.  Start in second but then use full power with spirited shifting and you probably won’t make it back home.   Pumping 250hp through that gearbox is pushing it.  350hp is noooo good.
I can see why this owner has re-listed for the third time.  Sweet potential following by sweet reality.
On eBay in Troutman, North Carolina for $12,500 Buy it Now or Make Offer. 

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