1971 Porsche 911T Targa – Roller

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SOLD September 8, 2013
1971 Porsche 911T Targa

• Originally purchase by military man in Europe then shipped to US
• Pulled from dry storage in Ohio after 20 years
• Ohio owner had it approximately 30 years
• Engine blew on missed shift at 130mph, both original engine and transmission are gone
• Type 902/0 4spd transmission added later

• Original color Metallic Blue/84 over Black Leatherette/12
• No accident damage evident
• Rust repair to rockers and fenders
• Battery boxes, front pan, floor, jack points, torsion suspension all original and solid
• Passenger front fender is reproduction, replaced because of rust
• All remaining panels original
• Doors solid and original with blue paint inside

• Currently garaged in Dexter, Michigan

Red paint was loved by former owner.  They made the car a more modern looking 911 by painting everything red, including trim and wheels.  Paint prep was poor to nil on the trim so window chrome will clean up after stripping.

• All gauges original and included
• Missing trim pieces and steering wheel as shown
• Inside targa bar in nice shape
• Comes with late style 911 seats in black vinyl, good cores
• Rear view mirror in glove box
• Missing door pockets
• One key included, works ignition and doors

• Paint is ok but spider cracking
• Door gaps not correct from rust repair work
• Driver and passenger roll down windows have sanding marks on top edge (I may have extras)
• Driver rear fender ahead of wheel bends inward from poor rust repair welding
• Rockers replaced
• Solid chassis as noted above
• Targa top is ok, needs new headliner
• Original metal horn grilles
• Exterior mirror is reproduction
• 14″ Fuch wheels need to be refinished
• Tires are Good Year and surprisingly are not cracking on sidewalls

• Wiring harness original and in good shape
• Fuse boxes still have paper fuse charts, no burnt wiring found
• All ignition components in engine bay untouched 
• Fuel pump intact
• Front calipers not on car but included
• Starter included
• Windshield wipers included

Glass has sanding marks top edge

Rust repair to bottom fender with metal and body filler

Headlight buckets no rust

Horn grilles are original

Passenger front fender is reproduction

Chrome was not sanded, will strip nicely

Repair to fender was not welded straight

Original battery boxes with blue paint

Original front pan

Transaxle is 902/0 4 speed

Driver rear inside fender

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