1971 Porsche 911T – Summary of Restoration

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• Purchased February 2012 from Ohio
• Off the road for 8-10 years
• Family owned for 30 years
• Original color silver but poor repaint
• Rust in doors and rockers, nothing structural
• Hood, front fenders and front floor pan ahead of gas tank reproductions
• No signs of accident damage
• Floor pans original and solid 
• Newer windshield
• Headers already on the motor, no original heater exchangers
• Certificate of Authenticity, numbers matching
• All original parts in storage
• Lights, turn signals, wipers work 
• Authentic historical Michigan plates added

Engine related work:
• Cleaned all grounds included transmission to chassis and restored spark to engine
• New batteries and one ground strap 
• Pulled gas tank, “Renu” treatment  which is sandblasting inside and coating with patented goo
• Rebuilt fuel sender unit
• Replaced fuel pump
• New fuel lines
• Blew out hard fuel lines from engine to gas tank
• Fresh oil and filter, Valvoline 20W50
• Fresh transmission oil Swepco 201
• Shift linkage kit installed 
• Readjusted clutch cable
• Adjusted pedals
• Adjusted valves
• Powder coated upper valve covers DuPont Gloss Grey
• Fitted new Weber 40mm IDA carburetors, all new gaskets
• Adjusted carburetor linkage for full butterfly opening when pedal down
• Replaced plastic throttle linkage bushings at tranny and carb
• Rebuilt alternator with new brushes and bearings
• Powder coated fan and shroud
• Pulled distributor, greased, new springs
• New Marelli cap, rotor, points
• New spark plugs
• New spark plugs wires, 100% copper
• New K&N air filters under rain hats

Body and interior work:
• Cleaned rust in doors, coated with POR-15 inside
• Repainted entire bonnet area with POR-15
• Polished both VIN number plates inside bonnet
• Powder coated smugglers box door, DuPont Flat Black
• Painted smugglers box with POR-15 
• New heavy duty hood shocks, already aren’t holding the heavy driving lights
• Rubber bonnet seal pulled, POR-15 entire edge
• Cleaned over spray on fuse box covers and related wiring
• Pulled bumpers, cleaned, POR-15, replaced with fiberglass red bumpers
• Fitted 914 door kit plate above rear bumper
• Restored Cibié driving lamps, powdered coated buckets 
• Wired driving lamps to inside toggle switch
• Placed Cibié headlights in ’66 buckets that were restored
• Replaced door window rails with ’66s including opening quarter windows
• Italvolanti Indianapolis steering wheel added
• One out of two horns hooked up and functioning
• Fixed electrical short for interior lights
• Seats pulled, chrome polished, tracks lubricated
• Cleaned, vacuumed, cleaned

Suspension, brakes and wheels:
• Added 15″ Fuch wheels, two of four 14″s on car were date stamped 7/76
• 14″ Fuch spare with early, maybe original tire in bonnet 
• All new wheel bearings up front
• Rebuilt front brake calipers, zinc gold plated
• Rotors turned, new brake pads
• Brake system flushed
• Leveled ride height by lowering front suspension

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