1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto

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Sports Car Market did a story this month on five collectible classics in the $10-20K range.  It was smartly done with one car from each of five countries: Sprite from England, 240Z from Japan, 914 from Germany (thank you very much) and the Duetto from Italy.  I’ve forgotten the fifth car and would reference the magazine but I left it up north over Thanksgiving.  

Anywho, the Duetto is a car I’ve always liked.  Not because of the obvious movie factor Mrs. Robinson.  But rather it’s appealing design with unique shift gate position that carried over into my formidable teen years when I drove a Spider during a California spring break at the ripe age of 14.  I never left the condo complex but at that testosterome level it didn’t matter.  All that mattered is you didn’t stall it.  

On eBay in Woodside, New York with the reserved bidding at $5,500.

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