1968 Porsche 912 KAK/Rally Car

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It’s not well known but the 1967 Porsche 912 had a very successful rally career in the hands of Sobieslaw Zasada from Poland who won the European Rally Championship and outscored a factory 911S.  From the Porsche 912 Anthology:

“In 1967, the 912 was hailed as the winner of the European Rally Championship. Sobieslaw Zasada from Poland drove his car (pictures B&W) to this historic win in the touring car series. That year, he actually scored more points than the much better known, Monte Carlo winning, factory 911S driven by the team of Vic Elford and David Stone.  When you think about racing, the 911 would appear to be the clear favorite.  But the better balance and lighter 250 pound curb weight of the 912 proved to be a huge advantage in this series.”
It would be interesting to search the history of this 912 rally car driven by Griberg/Svensk.  The current owner offers up that it was driven in Sweden and that he has all documentation but no other details are written in the ad.  It’s been off the road for 25 years. 
On The Samba with no price for “any kind” of 356 convertible trade.  So place the value somewhere between $35,000 and $75,000.  A piece of Porsche racing history, if not a factory team, would be a great addition to the collection. 

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