1968 911 Parts Car ST Flares, 1971 Porsche 911T Roller

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One of our local Porsche club members is looking for a SWB long hood project he can turn into an ST car.  Hey Mr. A, half way there!  Not sure which half or where “there” actually is.  Could be halfway to the bottom of your bank account.  No, no you’re right.  It would be all the way to the bottom of your bank account.  But look at it this way, there’s no where to go but up after that.  Up to the manager’s desk to ask for a loan. 

Black is rusty and crusty but comes with engine, tranny and clean title.  The silver one has a clean title too.  The guy knows what he’s talking about.

On eBay in San Ramon, California going off at no reserve and bidding at $2,025.

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