1965 Corvair – $600 (Dexter, Michigan)

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“^^^NO TITLE^^^ Selling 1965 Corvair “project car”, shell is in good shape /dent in passenger door door does function / does not run; glass, doors, shell, gages, seats etc.

Sunday morning was kinda dull, so I turned to Craigslist for entertainment.  What me?  No, no seriously I did.  But I didn’t search for cars.  I searched for a “barn” to store the cars in.  See, complete departure from my usual routine.  So I find a “yard/barn sale” with tools and trinkets about 10 minutes from me with NO listing of a car for sale.  But what’s in the barn?  Of course.  Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

The poll barn was filled with GM parts, tools and machines.  The father-in-law who passed away two years ago was a 35 year veteran of GM.  The Corvair was the last of vehicles not sold and with reason.  There was more of the floor on the floor than on the car, but my dad loves Corvairs and therefore I have a soft spot.  There was also a 180-hp flat six turbo Corvair motor on the shelf.  It gave me pause because 45 year old flat sixes are cool.  But since I already have a flat six that I can barely move around my garage, I’m sure I don’t need two. 

I ended up leaving with some tail lights, a parts washer, three sets of metric wrenches (one can never have too many sets of wrenches) and some trinkets.  The car remains as is. 

On Craigslist Ann Arbor.  

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