1964 Porsche 356SC Convertible

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“Estimated Repairs: Deemed insurance loss due to flood from Hurricane Sandy. Does not currently run. Water found in the oil pan, did not check if engine will turn over by hand. There are no keys for this vehicle. The steering wheel horn button is missing. The passenger door will not stay shut. Cannot open front hood. The top is ok with no tears. Please see photos for further information.”

I don’t know why I’m surprised to see so many Porsches pop up as insurance losses.  This one has already crossed $52,000 in bidding which is fair market value.  Fix it up and you’ll always be saddled with a salvage title and salt water rusting the car from places you’ll never see until it’s too late.  Still they are straight forward, easy to work take apart and put back together and the values are going up, up, up.

On CrankyApe in Waverly, New York.

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