1964 Greenbrier Van – $6500

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I used to think: scrunched up face that only an American who stamped the body panels in the factory could love. Now I kinda like it. Probably doesn’t hurt that it reminds me of my grandfather who used to own a similar model. We used to pull up in their Sterling Heights driveway for dinner and I’d check out his pea green camper of similar vintage. This one in blue and white does it more favors than pea green. Reminding me also of my ’74 Land Cruiser FJ40, baby blue with a white top… should have never sold that one… Subliminal working overtime in my favor or maybe against me. I can’t decide… until I drink more.

On Ann Arbor Craigslist.

“for sale is 1964 Chevy Greenbrier van, this van has 29,000 original miles a true barn find, part of the original window sticker is still on the glass, the paint is original all the glass and seals around the windows are in excellent shape, all the the windows roll up and down with no effort, the dash is complete, all headlights are all original T-3’s, rear lights are original, this truck has not been dissembled at all, the original tires and rims are in the truck with the hub caps, the jack and spare are still intact, the motor is out at this time, was told that the original owner pulled the motor because it started to smoke, really don’t know what his intentions where,the motor is in the truck and looks to all be there, this will make a real nice project thanks”

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