1963 Maserati 3500GTI Coupe

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“It is equipped with a 4 Speed Manual transmission. The vehicle is Silver with a Red interior. It is offered As-Is, not covered by a warranty. – 1963 Maserati 3500GT I Coupe Silver with red interior. This is an extremely rare fuel injection and an excellent car to restore. The motor is out and apart.”

I remember seeing one of these that went for $25,000 in San Diego five years ago.  Had I knew what I was doing, I might have went for it.  

This one looks fairly solid and complete.  You gotta figure another $20K to get the motor together, probably more, but it would be a great driver with the disheveled look that I like and color combination I love.

On Gullwing Motor Cars for $85,000 which isn’t $25K, too bad. 

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