1960 Triumph TR3

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On Friday and Saturday past, I went to the Woodward Dream Cruise here in Michigan.  On the way to cruising I picked up my friend Dan who to my surprise had a new addition to his garage, a 1957 Triumph TR3.  Let’s take it cruising!  “Can’t.”  said Dan.  Let’s start it up and go around the block at least.  “Can’t”.  Let’s open the hood.  “Not sure how to do that, and if I could I probably shouldn’t.”
Dan’s new addition actually belonged to his father-in-law.  He moved to Rhode Island and needed a place to store his almost original car until he got settle with a new garage.  The car has just 32,000 miles and one repaint.  Sounds awesome right?  Sort of.  His father-in-law, unfortunately, was one of those guys you love to hate. 
Yeah he had this original interior, hub capped, properly patina’d car but he never drove it.  In fact, he didn’t know how to properly store it.  You need to rotate the tires dad.  “Why?”  How about starting it to keep the gaskets in good nick?  “Pardon?”  Ever think about changing the fuel?  “What?”
Yes, the car in Dan’s garage is one to behold.  But here Dan, how about you buy a project of your own and run circles around your father-in-law’s.
On eBay in San Diego. 

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