1958 Lloyd Alexander 600 – $3200 (Davisburg)

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“You are looking at a 1958 Lloyd Alexander 600 (MICRO) station wagon. Built in Germany, it has a 600 cc 2 cylinder engine, 4 speed trans axle, 15 inch tires, suicide doors and alot of coolness.

I don’t know the condition of the drivetrain but lets assume it doesn’t run.

Excellent Pro Street, Rat Rod, Zero Turn Mower, Drag Sled (you get the idea) project.

Comes with a clear Nebraska title.

Be the first one on you block to own one of these. OK, the only one on your block.

Dare to be different!”


I dare to be different! But not that different. But as the saying goes that I’m making up right now, if I post it – I like it. Decently cool shape. It’s has a lot of styling cues that make me think of a Mini but none of the performance upside. Wikipedia lists it as a 63 mph top speed and zero to sixty in a minute. I suppose I could deliver milk around town. No one is in a hurry to get milk, right?

Find it for sale on Detroit Craigslist.


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