1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A Continental Coupe Price: 45000

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Every car lover, boy’s dream. Uncle shoves old, dead Porsche into a barn 40 years ago until nephew comes along and says:

“Holy crap, you shoved an old, dead Porsche into the barn 40 years ago?”

Pause, pause.

“356 eh?  Looks pretty gone.”

Pause, pause.

“Ummmmm… Can I have it?”

Fantasies endure.  Discovery ensues. Does the motor turn over? What parts are there, what parts are missing? Maybe I can make it a runner. Maybe I can go the distance and restore it. I’m pretty sure my Uncle knows the former owners. I bet I can get its history. It’s gotta be numbers matching, nobody’s touched it in years.

Weeks go by, maybe even a couple of months. The car reveals itself to be: “Rusted Out – included, but pretty much gone.” The dream turns to reality. This is a $100,000 project if I’m lucky, probably $200K. Time to flip it and make some cash. Uncle, I owe you dinner. And a movie.

On The Samba.  Full disclosure, like it really matters, but I read about this car in our local Bahn Stormer, the Porsche club magazine for our region. I was engaged and slightly to quite slightly jealous of the barn find. When I saw this on The Samba with a Canton, Michigan address, I knew it was the car from the story.

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