1952 Allard K2 Roadster. Survivor. Unmolested. Original

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When I was at Automobile Magazine, David E. Davis had one of these.  I never knew how unique and special they were at that time.  I seem to remember them trading for around $25K twenty years ago or maybe it was that Mr. Davis had his up for sale for $25K.  Yeah, I think that was it.  I wanted to buy it because I knew that he knew what he was doing when it came to cars.  But their prices are now as they were then, out of my reach.
If you were going to buy one, I don’t think you could go wrong here.  
On eBay in Verona, Wisconsin with bidding over $71,000 but the reserve has not be lifted. More detail below.

“Of those that still exist, this is without question one of the most original, unmolested examples anywhere.
I am only the third owner. The first owner lived 1 block to my right, and the second lived 2 blocks to my left.
This Allard K2 still has the factory leather door panels with those enormous brass zippers and lightning bolt stitching.
In addition, it maintains it’s original wooden floors and wooden rockers, and leather straps supporting the suspension.
To my knowledge, this car has never been shown at national show. The doctor I purchased it from owned it for 30 years.
VIN: 91K 3022
Engine: 3022

It comes with the car along with the original carburetor and intake manifold. Seats are from an AC, but I still have the originals.
Up until last summer, all of this was on the car. It has a new hood made on an English wheel to preserve the original hood[included in sale] and accommodate the original 50’s Offenhauser heads and triple carburetors.The original seats are also included.
This car has never left my small town of Verona, Wisconsin. The 40,000 miles are original. All the gauges work.
Within the last year, all 4 fenders were removed and repainted as well as the hood and trunk lid.
The headlight rings and the front bumpers were re-plated 2 months ago. Mechanically the car needs nothing. I had the starter motor rebuilt, the battery and sparks plugs replaced, and a brand new set of dual exhaust pipes and mufflers made. The new Dunlop tires and tubes were put on the car this week. This car drives like a bat out of hell.
The engine is a matching numbers Cadillac V-8 installed the day it arrived from England at the dealership in Evanston, Illinois.

If you know anything about Allards, then you know that to see the factory bumpers and hubcaps still on the car is very rare.
The undercarriage has been detailed and show quality.

Allard K2’s were all aluminum body cars that were often raced back in the day with American engines put in once they arrived from England. Yes, they arrived here without engines.

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