1940 White BUICK Special Straight 8 (Completely Restored) (RUNS PERFECT!)

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My friend Aaron has the coupe version in original black paint.  The coupe has really nice lines that you can’t pull off after adding two more doors.  But having stared at Aaron’s enough, this is something I can now appreciate in two or four.  He always talks about the significance of not just the car’s looks, styling, drive, feel, smell but also the people you meet driving in an era of the past.  People tell him stories of when they were young and drove their old Buick to the five and dime.  Memory magnets for old and the relatively young alike.      

On eBay for $10K BIN.

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    • Paul Groosh Grusche

      Just don’t started getting used to it! This guy could have taken the time to photograph his car beyond the barred house/home alleyway so we feel falsely comfortable during visitation rights.

      Seriously, I kid. After living in the LA area for 14 years, bars are one way to show the landlord is too cheap to upgrade a previously $50K property that is now worth a $1/2 million. That being said, watch your back just the same.

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