1929 Ford Model A – $6000 (Ypsilanti)

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What is wrong with me? On the surface all I see is the Addam’s Family, skulls and a pack of smokes rolled up in the sleeve of a white t-shirt. What’s up Fonzie? But somehow I find the lines of this thing right. With the stretched chassis and huge wheels, 21s up front, it has the flavor of some 1930’s cream puffs that graced Pebble Beach’s lawn. It could be finished with closed hood, motor hidden and an elegant paint job. It’s a direction no one seems to take with these cars. The owner states “I have a hard time calling it a rat rod” and I completely agree.

For sale on Detroit’s Craigslist.

  1. Mike

    …reminds me of one of the cars that comes to Cars and Coffee out here in CA. They put a fully blown V8 in the back of the car, and nothing else but a seat up front. This one looks like the Model A morphed into this creature after sitting in a pull-barn for 30 years…

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